T.J. Harris

Raised by a pack of gypsies in the mean streets of Pittsburgh, The infamous TJ Harris aka (Get Nasty, TAO, DR.INK,DJ DISTRUST,FCTC,King Chunky,Doctor DooMoore, Hashtown Brown, Durty Durty Durty) was let loose onto the scene at the young age of 15. 

Having learned the art of busking and durty south carnival barking from the leaders of his gypsy caravan the young man quickly stole the hearts and the wallets of America! 

A current list of accomplishments involve :
Current host of the online variety program The 412nite Show
Dj and producer for Bc1 of a kind / 1337 / Mal Label / Modern era Weddings with more than 15years experience
10 years experience in event production starting in Pittsburgh but with credits in OH, NY, WV, and CA

Writer,Director,Producer,Actor,Dj,Poet,Dancer,Comedian,Video Editor,Entrepreneur,Chef, and all around Bad Mutha F****a.
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