Dave “Syneater” Morris isn’t your typical Pittsburgh DJ.  Originally dedicating his life to Tai-Chi and energy work, he found his calling for electronic music through pure vibrations.  He describes the connection by saying, “Tai chi is a way to blend every part of the being in perfect harmony. In my music, I strive to be an extension of that.”  Throughout the last 20 years, David has evolved from his early hard house days behind turntables and become one of the staple producers of the emerging “US garage” frontier.  Ever since the first time he dropped one of his own creations in a live set, Dave has been eager to expand his talent both playing and producing across the UKG spectrum – bassline to funky house to 2step.  With a dream to spread the funky sounds of garage across the USA, he began the label Ohm Bass Recordings, and is one of the founding members of 2step Tuesdays.  Syneater has been featured on releases from other labels such as Purple and Pink Records, Versa Records, and is currently signed to Grimey Grooves.  His most popular tracks and EP’s include "Tuff Haus Vol. 1", "Push Aside", and "Outta My Mind" with many more on the way as garage continues to sweep the nation.  

Dave “Syneater” Morris found his calling for electronic music through pure vibrations.  Dedicating his life to energy work and UK garage music, he has become one of the pioneers in the emerging “US Garage” movement.  A resident and founding member of 2Step Tuesdays, Dave has also released numerous productions from his own label Ohm Bass Recordings, as well as other labels such as Purple and Pink Records, Versa Records, and Grimey Grooves.

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