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Naoko Fukada

Born and raised in Japan, Naoko received her visual design degree from Kyoto Geijyutsu Collage (now Kyoto Zoukei Univercity), and worked as a graphic designer for 5 years in Kyoto.

She moved to Pittsburgh in 2001. She met Japanese visual artists Lab Type-0 (who were doing video work on an international level) when she was afforded the opportunities to attend rave events on every imaginable scale, week after week. She attributes the House of Styles events, and Electrasoul, as primary influences which fueled her passion for Techno. Friendships with Techno artists such as Product 19 and Colin Pierce, eventually inspired her to pursue Djing in 2006. She has established herself as a crowd favorite, and one of the few city-wide representatives of Hard Techno and Acid Techno. Now she plays different genre of music such as house, tech house, drum&bass and darker and heavy techno, for just have fun. 
She is very excited working as a graphic designer and sub-host for this show.