Mike O

Mike O...like "OH What did he do now?!" or "OH! When is this guy gonna stop talking!" Mike O is a huge music fan. He dedicates the majority of his time to downloading music he will never categorize or learn but is "SICK!" according to only him! His CD, yes we said CD collection is one of the most sought after in the world, containing not one dope mix after another but at least a minimum of 3 Copies each! He has dedicated a room in his house to his "house music" cds amongst other genres like breaks, jungle, drum & bass and so much more. His house may not have a working shower for the past several years, but it surely has a room filled with awesome, shitty and mediocre cds from the 90s up to now. He holds the record for talking the most consecutively with only a 2 second pause per 14.5 hours. He doesn't always feel good, but when he does he likes to bump DJ MISS J's "Party With Me (HOT SHIT)" which he co-wrote (but then wouldn't shut up & was removed from the studio) in one of his many most likely illegal and uninspected cars. He loves diving in the pool at the gay mansion parties, Breaking Bad, Ill Phil, Deekline & Todd Edwards. He is also the president of the Skoot Skeet crew, president of Ebay, a professional mess, president of sushi buffet and owns the copyright to the word "SICK." He's the most lovable pain in the ass in the Spanker Crew and loves cinnammon (shaker in music), over-using mixer effects, 2-step & UK garage. He's "So Delicious"...he drinks melted butter.
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