Disco Dan

“Disco” Dan Adam has dancing and music in his blood, all due to his Haitian heritage. After being introduced at a young age to groups like Depeche Mode and New Order, he fell in love with electronic music and sought out more of it, encountering the likes of The Orb, Orbital, and The Prodigy.  But he also loved the music being DJ’d live on the radio from the dance clubs like Egypt and Shampoo, of his native Philadelphia.  

Moving to Pittsburgh in 1996 for college was a turning point for him, which allowed him to get further educated in the electronic music of the time, as well as being exposed to area’s great house, techno, hip hop, and drum and bass DJs spinning at the areas raves and clubs.
This inspired him to get turntables of his own, eventually gaining the opportunity to be a resident at Zythos on the South Side of Pittsburgh for 3 years, as well as play several other notable clubs and parties over the course of the early 2000’s.  

Although the times and his place in the electronic music scene have changed tremendously over the years, Dan’s passion for finding and DJing music that moves him deeply continues to be evident the mixes he creates.

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