Anthony Rivera

Artist Anthony Rivera is Cleveland born and raised. He’s a Pittsburgh transplant, finding new ways to create art with others. He started out with small works and now evolved to new and much bigger ways to express his creativity and skill with ink, paint and digital designs. He’s inspired by earth, friends alike and of course music of all kinds. An eclectic 70’s promotion flyer illustration artist who’s name escapes him inspired him. “Horror Vacui” or “Cenophobia”- Fear of empty space… this sensitive trait is the driving eye of his work.  
He loves talking to people and meeting others in the art field. Not just artists, but musicians, photographers, film makers, television producers and people just laid back and open minded to new adventures.  Anthony enjoys friends, music and bartending.  
He has been a featured artist in Raw art show and the featured bartender in Zyan Luxe’s “Let’s Get Twisted” dance party track of 2014 on Quark Records. He is a proud member of the “Twisted Crew.”
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